Careers in Health Services Administration

When you combine existing health conditions with longer lifespans and the aging baby-boomer population, you can see why the demand for competent health services administrators is growing.

In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the need for health services administrators will increase 22 percent faster than other careers over the next few years. The role of those in the field is to oversee the business, political, monetary and management portions of health-related organizations.

Careers in Health Services Administration
Opportunities Abound
If you choose a path in health care management, your options are wide open. There are opportunities in both the public and private sector for resource development or administration.

You will have the chance to streamline your skills and specialize in such areas as marketing, finance, organization, planning, economics, or policy formation and analysis. Here are some health-related places you might choose to work in.

Medical Facilities and Insurance companies: The biggest demand for health services administrators are in hospitals, nursing homes and other types of medical care facilities. Health executives in these types of facilities manage the overall business affairs, so they are an important part of day-to-day operations. Some common responsibilities include budgeting, purchasing, planning and human resource management.

Careers in Health Services

Changing government policies and the rapidly growing cost of medical care places a burden on insurance companies to stay updated and make sure all of their processes keep pace. For this reason, insurance companies rely heavily on health services administrators to work with medical providers and make sound business decisions based on research and strategic planning.

Non-Profits, Government and Medical Suppliers: Some nonprofits need knowledgeable health services administrators to provide effective management so they can support medical facilities. In addition, government agencies that work with medical facilities rely on their health executives for assistance in managing operations and creating public policies.

Health services administrators are trained in a combination of business and healthcare. This unique combination of skills makes them highly sought after by medical manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. These organizations rely on health administrative professionals to use their skills to provide insight to the business side of the medical industry.

Prepare for Your Future
If you plan to pursue a career as a health services administrator, you must have a bachelors degree in public health or a related field. You can also go for an online Health Services Administration degree in Spanish and see different parts of the world.  The more advanced your education is, the more in demand you will be. Online degree programs are popular with individuals who don’t have the time or freedom to sit in a classroom every day.

A degree program in public health administration will focus on management and leadership of health agencies in both profit and nonprofit organizations. These programs are designed to give you the business, organizational and administrative skills specific to the healthcare environment.

Some of the types of courses your degree program might offer include health policy and management, biostatistics in public health, medical sociology, environment and health and the economics of health. By the time you complete your degree, you will know to:

  • Identify the problems and needs of defined populations.

  • Plan and carry out public health functions in various healthcare settings.

  • Process concepts associated with organizational performance and politics involved in healthcare.

  • Explore behavioral and social science principals and models to improve decision making.

If it were not for the behind-the-scenes work of health care administrators, medical facilities and other health-related companies would not be able to operate efficiently. If this sounds like the career path for you, a quality education will get you started on the right track.


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