Ten Things to Consider When Buying Educational Toys and Gadgets

1. Pick multi-sensory toys

Toys that provide sensory attraction are best because they tend to develop the senses more meaningfully. For instance, colourful toys are a good choice, but also consider those that have sound, movement and interesting textures to stimulate the senses of hearing and touch as well as vision. If you are buying a doll, you can choose a scented (but non-toxic) dress for the doll, to stimulate their sense of smell. For gadgets, appealing to the senses is not a problem because most computer games and apps offer sounds and excellent visuals to stimulate your child’s interest.

2. Consider self-expression

When children play the right toy, they can also develop their self-expression. When buying a new toy, ask yourself if it will inspire self-expression in your child. There are apps that involve virtual characters, which children can design in their likeness.

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