Ten Things to Consider When Buying Educational Toys and Gadgets

3. Go for challenging and rewarding experiences

Playing is more than just enjoyment – children should also have a sense of accomplishment after they have played with the toy. For instance, blocks may seem very simple, but when your toddler has managed to pile them up without knocking them over, then they feel a sense of challenge and reward. For older children, you can get a competitive app for maths, spelling or word building so that they can play with you, or with their friends, and find out who wins the game, making maths and English into a challenge.

4. Choose versatile toys

To get good value for money, you should look for toys that can be played with in many ways. In learning how to play with the toy, your child will develop his sense of curiosity and creativity. Building blocks and Lego are good examples of versatile toys and with gadgets, iPads seem to be very versatile as children can use them for games, music, taking notes, reading books and other worthwhile activities.

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