How to Celebrate Black History Month in the Classroom

Each year during the month of February we celebrate Black History Month.  This is a special month because it reminds everyone of all of the incredible contributions African-Americans have made to our country throughout history.  It’s very important for students to participate in activities in school that reinforce the importance of the many things African-Americans have achieved to improve our quality of life, as well as change our country and the course of history.  There are several things teachers can do in the classroom to be sure that during the month of February, these African-American contributions are honored properly.

Many of the children in your classroom might not have an understanding of why February is such an important month.  It’s probably a good idea to begin your lessons with an introduction to some of the great African-Americans you will be celebrating.  You can do this in many fun ways, which will help the children to remember the events and names better.  You might start with an activity sheet for the children to match the person with the accomplishment.  If you have older children in your class, feel free to incorporate contemporary musicians and Hollywood actors into your list.  Go over the sheet together as a group.

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